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Cast & Crew


Bernard Gray - Director

Gray is an exceptional talent who is quickly becoming a strong force in the film industry. His writing and vision awarded him a position at the Arden Theatre in Philadelphia where he co-adapted the play "Third & Indiana" in 1996 with their resident director Aaron Posner. The play received critical acclaim; including a Barrymore Award nomination for the Advanta Award for Outstanding New Play. Gray is also the writer/producer/director of the feature film "A Diamond In The Sky", the award winning short film "Alana", the acclaimed short "Moment In Time", and the music video "Twisted".


Floyd Marshall Jr. - Writer

Floyd Marshall began his career as a fitness model and has grown into an accomplished writer and producer. Marshall wrote and produced the feature film "The Coochi Wars, a tale about relationships". Marshall is currently writing three plays, "Transitions", "Prisoner", and The Conversation. Marshall plans to shoot "Sins of The Father" later this year, and "Deceptions" early next year. Floyd Marshall is a native of Philadelphia and has been married to Tracy Marshall for twenty two years.  He has two lovely daughters, Alaina Marshal and Erin Marshall.


Walter DeShields - Marcus

Walter has performed in the greater Philadelphia and New York City areas in several satge productions starring most recently in “Email 9/12” “VII Deadly Sins”, “Gentle Cycle of Dirty Laundry” “Blues for an Alabama Sky”, “A Soldier’s Play”, “Night Watch”, VI Degrees”; “Raisin in the Sun”, “The Exonerated”, “Intimate Chaos”, and "Jeffrey” among several others.

Walter is starring in several released and upcoming film projects including  “Cant Judge a Book”, Coochie Wars, “Moment in Time”, “Retribution”, “The Playstation Killed the Puppet;  “Happy Holidaze”;  The Gift” and “Booted”. Walterhas also completed a number of other film projects including The March, Minor Thing, JohnnyThe Nightly Opinion, Common Bond, Knock Em' Dead, Mac the Charm, In Retrospect, One Last Dream of America, The Stuff and Cover. Walter is also starring in three online webisodes; The Merry Show, Skoob TV and The Inside. Walter holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and English from The Pennsylvania State University.


Kara Zhang - Jill

Kara Zhang is a performer and artist at heart. She has been acting around the Philadelphia area for the past five years and was last seen as Emily in "Third" at The Drama Group. She is currently working on several film projects while studying theater at the prestigious Temple University. She is ecstatic to be working with Bernard Gray and this talented cast and to create a film that will inspire and entertain audiences everywhere. 



TiffanyWebb - Woman 1

Jade Froeder - Woman 2

Daira Guerrera - Woman 3

Chad Butler - Bartender

Michelle Santiago - Ghost 1

Alana Torres - Ghost 2

Aru Nagarajan - Male Patron

Adrienne Gaugler - Female Patron



Greg Probst - Camera Operator

Michael Belmonte - Lighting Designer

Sam Nuttle - Sound Recordist/Sound Editor

Todd Baskerville - Photographer

Yvette Aikins - Script Supervisor

Gregory Khozov - Musical Score